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Best Prices and Service in Australia for IT Products, IT Gadgets, Hardware & Software. Providing best possible price, service, on-time delivery and a large range of products. Open After-Hours ! We also sell Tools and Solar Products.
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100% Australian owned & operated. We only sell in Australia and all our products are from Australian authorised distributors. For example, a HP laptop comes from HP Australia, new and sealed, with full Australian warranty. All our shipments are insured against loss or damage.
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Featured Products

APsystems Solar Micro Inverter DS3 $304.40
APsystems Solar Micro Inverter DS3
Only $304.40 inc GST
APsystems 3rd generation of dual-module microinverters, the DS3 product family represents the culmination of years of power conversion expertise and innovation in high-efficiency, high-density power conversion to maximize the peak performance of todays high-capacity PV modules. The DS3 series reaches unprecedented levels of power output and is fully backwards compatible with QS1 and YC600 microinverters and accessories. It features 2 input channels, each with independent MPPT, and encrypted wireless Zigbee communication. An innovative and compact design makes the product lighter while maximizing power production, and silicone-encapsulated components reduce stress on electronics, facilitate thermal dissipation, and enhance weatherproofing. Reliability is significantly increased thanks to 20% fewer components than previous generations. With its unparalleled performance, efficiency of 97%, and increased reliability, the APsystems DS3 series is a gamechanger for residential and commercial solar.

One microinverter connects to two modules
Max output power reaching 625VA, 750VA or 880VA
Two input channels with independent MPPT
Reactive Power Control
Maximum reliability, IP67
Encrypted Zigbee Communication
Safety protection relay integrated
Perfectly match 5kW requirement with 8 units
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Anthony wrote 15.07.24:
It was waiting for me when I got home. Thanks again your customer service is excellent and very much appreciated.

Cherian wrote 08.07.24:
It has been immense pleasure dealing with you & the amazing support & updates. Wish all online stores were this good.

Shane wrote 08.07.24:
Yep received it earlier! Thanks again for all your help! Looks really good. Great product & great service.

Tony wrote 26.06.24:
Hey Richard, my gear arrived. Thanks for all your updates and support. you will see me shop with you in the near future.

Lachlan wrote 12.06.24:
Many thanks, package received, will order again. Very prompt service.

Sam wrote 08.05.24:
Hi Richard, You are truely a legend, Thank you again.

John wrote 28.04.24:
Thank you very much your customer service is above and beyond.

Andrew wrote 17.04.24:
Love your service we are using it now, Thanks Richard.

Daniel wrote 04.03.24:
Thank you for your great communication and delivering the product as described.

Chong wrote 05.12.23:
Thats right, Richard, received. Many thanks for the quick delivery!

Aubrey wrote 24.11.23:
I cannot thank you enough for the dedicated support.

Christian wrote 24.10.23:
Hi Richard, received with thanks. Your customer service is excellent.

Peter wrote 23.11.20:
I just want to let you know that the Cabac HNKE14 was delivered today. This was surprising as I live in WA (Wait Awhile). Thanks for your prompt response and order processing. I couldn't find many sites that had the Cabac HNKE14 listed. Of these that did, yours was the best price.

Guy wrote 15.10.20:
Glad to have found your service Richard. Fantastic. Well done.

James wrote 23.07.20:
Thank you so much for the great service! the item arrived this morning and is working perfectly.

Damian wrote 21.07.20:
Thank you very much once again for your excellent and efficient service!

Jim wrote 17.06.20:
I do really appreciate your support; your Customer Service is fantastic!

Milo wrote 05.06.20:
Hi Richard, projector delivered this morning as promised! We are so happy with our purchase. Thank you for your incredible service - one of the best / the best shopping experiences I've ever had! I will definitely return for any tech purchases in future and will be recommending you to my colleagues / friends.

Debbie wrote 08.05.20:
Good grief that's amazingly fast. I just got the keyboard. And it's perfect. Thank you. I've also flicked your website onwards. You gave me such good service, I decided to share with my workmates. Hopefully you get some new customers from it. And thanks. I appreciated the personal touch.

Alex wrote 09.04.20:
Thank you very much for your prompt (and pleasant) service.

Fei wrote 09.04.20:
Great to hear from you. Thanks for your 100% golden service.

Yachao wrote 03.04.20:
Thanks Richard for fast dispatch and brilliant service.

Tom wrote 06.03.20:
Brilliant, thanks Richard. I will recommend your service.

Matt wrote 27.02.20:
Everything had arrived by lunch time today. Thanks for making that such an easy experience!

James wrote 21.02.20:
Received the items all good. Thanks for the prompt delivery and great service.

Malcolm wrote 10.02.20:
First of all please accept my thanks for clearing this up quickly and efficiently. Your openness is refreshing. Again my thanks for your excellent service.

Andrew wrote 07.02.20:
Richard - thank you so much for being understanding AND for delivering too me! Well beyond the "call of duty" - on such a wet day! Andrew also wrote: Thank you Richard! really happy with everything and happy to recommend you to anyone looking for IT equipment etc. Your claim above sums up my experience exactly! I will be back for sure.

Nick wrote 20.01.20:
Thanks very much for your excellent service Richard!

Greg wrote 17.01.20:
Thank you Richard. I have just got it. I will give you 5 stars for customer service.

Nickolay wrote 20.11.19:
I'm more than pleasantly surprised by how you conduct business! Your site was recommended to me some time ago by a friend who had bought a bunch of items and I had bookmarked it then. So I will keep the bookmark now when I have personal impressions.

Rosemary wrote 22.08.19:
Richard - that is wonderful and not late at all! Brilliant services. Thanks Richard - they have both turned up. Great service and quite extraordinary considering you are not even in the office.

Michael wrote 07.08.19:
Thanks again for everything. It's rare to get such incredible service.

Jude wrote 03.08.19:
Excellent! Thank you for your prompt service!

Nat wrote 09.06.19:
Very happy with the product, thanks Richard... cheers Nat.

Nam wrote 05.06.19:
Thank you very much, Richard, your service is one of the best I've ever dealt with. Looking for another chance to deal with you again!

Jim wrote 20.05.19:
Goods received. Thank you again for your great service.

Robert wrote 10.04.19:
Thanks for the prompt response, I always check with you first as the service is always superior.

Tim wrote 06.04.19:
You have provided great customer service and I know that must not be easy also being the owner of the business. I found this item originally through Google Shopping and your site had the best price so I clicked through and ordered the item. After having such a positive customer service experience, I went to your site directly to see if there was anything else I might be interested in. However, I immediate ran into issues with navigating your website to find any listings. Basically, it's impossible to find something on your website unless you know exactly what you are looking for. I was just curious about your website since I had such a good customer service experience but not so good web site user experience.

Haydn wrote 03.04.19:
Just want to say what great service and excellent priced products you offer along with truly excellent communications.

Barbara wrote 05.03.19:
I have to admit that I thought you must have been mistaken on this mornings email but just letting you know the printer has just arrived! Impressive lead time! Thank you once again for your standout service. May your business prosper.

Shamin wrote 04.03.19:
Just to let you know that my printer arrived safe and sound. Thanks for the updates and the quick delivery.

Peter wrote 22.02.19:
ETA is today? If so, this is amazing. Thanx so much. I need to keep you in mind for all computer related purchases.

Morne wrote again 05.02.19:
Thank you very much for your impeccable service Richard. I received my pen today exactly as you said. All the best and I'll definitely refer you to my friends for their IT needs.

Morne wrote 04.02.19:
Thank you Richard for the quick response and great service.

Rong wrote 24.01.19:
Really happy for this purchase from you. For sure I will put a good review and recommend to friends. I will buy more from you.

Luke wrote 17.01.19:
Received item yesterday , lighnting fast delivery! Thanks for the great service and excellent communication 5 stars!

Berton wrote 16.01.19:
Thank you so much Richard. Very good customer support. 10/10.

Adam wrote 16.01.19:
Thanks very much for your flexibility. I am very happy with your service.

Nishith wrote 11.01.19:
Very quick delivery. I would surely recommend your online store to others.

Shane wrote 09.01.19:
Hi Richard, Got it today! Thanks again for all your help and great service on a short time frame. Really appreciate it!

Sam wrote 09.01.19:
Hello Richard, You did really great. Your service is excellent. Thanks very much. Router already arrived.

Annette wrote 08.01.19:
Terrific thank you for your prompt service Richard it is much appreciated!

Richard wrote 13.12.18:
Thank you for your prompt service in the supply of the server -- a pleasure doing business with you.

Jenny wrote 28.11.18:
Thank you so much for the excellent service that you have provided to us. I will definitely be highly recommending your company to others.

Matt wrote 23.11.18:
Very prompt, excellent service, thanks and well done.

Sheridan wrote 23.11.18:
Thanks heaps. Iím sure we will be needing your assistance again soon for future orders.

Ted wrote 23.11.18:
Printer arrived. I'm happy with it.

Bridget wrote 19.11.18:
Thanks for your great service.

Jenny wrote 15.11.18:
Thank you for the great service and communication.

Alan wrote 07.11.18:
This one just arrived. Thanks again for the super prompt service.

Alan wrote 05.11.18:
Thanks for the super-attentive service.

Clarissa wrote 05.11.18:
Just wanted to thank you again for the customer service, I received the product today and am very happy with it. I appreciate your efficient and friendly customer service.

Clayton wrote 31.10.18:
Thanks for the update. Fantastic service and amazingly fast delivery.

Paul wrote 17.10.18:
Hi Richard, BT300 has turned up! Thanks for the super quick service.

Tracey wrote 09.10.18:
Thanks so much Richard. You are providing an excellent service!!

Alex wrote 20.09.18:
We are very pleased with your service and we hope that we can do business again soon.

Kerry wrote 12.09.18:
It has just arrived. Again, it has been a pleasure to do business with you. Thank you.

Elin wrote 07.09.18:
Thanks again for your quick and excellent service.

Eugene wrote 21.08.18:
Thanks for the excellent service, the dock arrived this afternoon!

Sam wrote 17.08.18:
Received the tools today. Thanks for the great customer service.

Kristi wrote 10.08.18:
Wow, amazing service Ė thank you so much! Sorry I missed you yesterday but thank you so very much for sorting that out so quickly for me.

Steve wrote 03.08.18:
Thanks for the fast service, Richard!

Daniel wrote 31.07.18:
Thanks for great comms. Itshopping will be my first port of call for future it purchases. :)

Mai wrote 27.07.18:
It has been delivered. It has been great doing business with you.

Ryan wrote 26.07.18:
Fantastic customer service as always and again really appreciate the very personable service! I shall be recommending your site to other schools and IT people I come across.

Lee wrote 12.07.18:
Your communication and service has been excellent and I really should give you the feedback you deserve.

Kathryn wrote 21.06.18:
Thank you so much for your quick follow up of this, I've just received a call from my courier room and they have received the package. Your customer service has been amazing and I will definitely be recommending you to my friends.

Katie wrote 15.06.18:
Just wanted to say thanks again. Received the package today, great delivery!

Matt wrote 29.03.18:
Thanks really impressed with your service and I will be telling my friend s about you.

Edward wrote 11.03.18:
Thanks for all the help and excellent service you've given us over the last couple of years.

Andrew wrote 15.02.18:
Many thanks for this update and your fantastic customer service.

Gavin wrote 01.02.18:
No problem Richard. Great to have such brilliant customer service!

Rashid wrote 25.01.18:
I have received the refund. I'm truely thankful Richard for all the efforts you have made. I must say the support you have given to me is the best support ever.

Emily wrote 23.01.18:
Thank you so much for your understanding! Your customer service has been excellent and I would highly recommend you to anyone considering purchasing a new device. I cannot thank you enough for all your help and support.

Sean wrote 14.01.18:
Thank you for your help and for your amazing customer service.

Rose wrote 12.01.18:
Thank you so much for your lengthy time to chat about your products your customer service was phenomenal.

Ahmed wrote 15.12.17:
Everything is working great and your customer service has been the best I have ever encountered in my 16+ years in the industry. Your focus is very customer centric and I would like to have this cultivated with partners out there so please keep up the great work.

James wrote 03.12.17:
Must say I have never had such personalised service and out of hours to top it all off. Most impressive.

Daniel wrote 01.12.17:
Thank you for all your help - the service has been great and I really appreciate it.

Peter wrote 01.12.17:
Thanks Richard for your excellent service as always.

Sanela wrote 01.12.17:
I'd like to thank you on how great your customer service skills were today and not only are you overseas on a business trip but you found the time to assist me each and every time I emailed you to reply straight back. I definitely will be making future purchases with you and will be referring my friends and family too. I will keep in mind to email you before hand on all future purchases from now onwards.

After Soraya ordered and paid for a product where the price changed by about A$50 and we organised a full refund within 24 hours she wrote on 30.11.17:
Sorry but this is not good enough. It was advertised on your webpage for the stated amount. I will take my complaint to the ACCC and let them investigate. Yes I understand your terms and conditions, but it does not state 'subject to change-even after purchase'. Your mistake, you should honour it but that is fine I will go elsewhere to a professional retailer but this attitude will warrant the appropriate feedback given.

Matt wrote 28.11.17:
Just want to say I received goods the day after ordering. Two Thumps up. Top service.

Robert wrote 08.11.17:
Thanks for the shopping cart I know I could have done it myself but always like the personal service you provide. Thanks again for your great prices and prompt service.

Caz wrote 07.11.17:
Thank you so much for your thorough and wonderful customer service and for the awesome follow up.

Shabina wrote 27.10.17:
Thank you for processing my request so quickly. I received my purchase today and happy with it.

Robert wrote 26.10.17:
Brilliant! Thanks Richard. If you ever need to use me as a reference let me know. Always good doing business with you. Lifeproof mounts just arrived, You are a legend!

Pat wrote 18.10.17:
Many thanks for your prompt attention to my order best customer service EVER!!

Thomas wrote 17.10.17:
I received the Kobo yesterday and would like to thank you for an excellent transaction: cheap price, quick delivery and extremely professional service. Thank you very much!

Bob wrote 13.09.17:
TB16 dock arrived today Wednesday about midday, very impressive shipping speed, thank you. Dock is installed and working ok. Thanks again for the great service.

Hew from Colonial Court Motor Inn in Kempsey, NSW, 2440 wrote 02.09.17:
Arrived the very next day .... Phenomenal service and delivery!

Matt wrote 29.08.17:
Thanks for your great customer service Richard, it is always so easy to deal with you. I ended up finding what I needed on eBay, a little bit more expensive but will arrive next week. Thanks again for your help, I'll definitely be letting my friends know if they need anything to check your website out.

Joseph wrote 08.07.17:
Awesome product and great service.

Magdalene wrote 01.07.17:
I would like to sincerely thank Richard from IT Shopping for his amazing customer service. From the moment my order was placed - Richard's courtesy, honesty and professionalism were outstanding. He phoned me several times to make sure my order and delivery details were correct - but to also help me in getting the best deal I could with both products and delivery times/ options. I truly appreciated Richard's honesty, courtesy and professionalism and cannot recommend IT Shopping highly enough! Thank you kindly Richard!

Hew wrote 09.06.17:
Goods received blindingly fast before lunchtime today. That was brilliant service again.

Andrei wrote 30.05.17:
Thanks again for making this a great shopping experience.

Domenica wrote 30.03.17:
Thanks for your quick and great service. Received my wacom today :)

Leanne wrote 25.02.17:
Thank you so much for the prompt service and support right the way till received. Very rare these days to have such good service thank u!

Hew wrote 23.02.17:
Thanks for the brilliant service ... I know where to make a beeline for my business and personal IT Shopping in future.

Alex wrote 14.02.17:
Wonderful service. I'll definitely be shopping with you more often!

Monique wrote 24.01.17:
What amazing customer service! Thank you!

Rhys wrote 23.01.17:
Thanks for your followup. The doorbell arrived today. Thanks for the great service.

Antonio wrote 19.12.16:
You exceeded my expectations of when these were going to be available which I'm very appreciative of thank you once again.

Shane wrote 17.12.16:
Thank you very much for the excellent customer service and prompt processing.

Carol wrote 16.12.16:
Wow! Laptop arrived this morning -great service, thanks.

Nathan wrote 13.12.16:
Thanks for letting me know! Will definitely be purchasing from you again. Thanks for the fantastic service!

Jessica wrote 11.12.16:
Thanks for the update. Very good customer service!

Errin wrote 11.12.16:
Easiest shopping ever. I will certainly recommend you.

Adam wrote 01.12.16:
Yes thank you very much. I am shocked at the delivery speed most impressive.

Stuart wrote 26.11.16:
Awesome thanks for great service.

Claire wrote 23.11.16:
Your service has been none other than great.

Antonio wrote 16.11.16:
Thank you for your efforts for going above and beyond yesterday and pleasure doing business.

Albert wrote 15.11.16:
That was an EXCELLENT service by you. I received my Jumpdrive at 9am. Thanks and keep up your excellent service.

Matt wrote 28.10.16:
Items arrived yesterday, thanks. Once again your service is outstanding! I'm constantly referring you and don't want to buy my tech from anywhere else! Thanks again.

Jai wrote 25.10.16:
Thanks for the follow-up and excellent service.

Matt wrote 23.09.16:
The monitor has arrived today! Thanks for the great service and follow up!

Matt wrote 22.09.16:
Both parcels arrived yesterday. A big thank you for your promptness and professionalism. You were a pleasure to deal with and I will be stopping by your website again if I am in need of any more IT equipment (and recommending it to everyone!).

Pat wrote 19.09.16:
The laptop was delivered on Friday.thanks so much for the excellent service.

Gary wrote 15.09.16:
Thank you. A pleasure to do business with you.

Nat wrote 13.09.16:
Thanks for all of your help - you really bailed us out there on more than one occasion!

Santiago wrote 09.09.16:
Thank you so much for being so thorough in following up the order. I will definitely be recommending IT Shopping to friends and colleagues - it's not easy to find such great customer service :)

Leon wrote 09.09.16:
I bought a lacie raid from you a while back, your service was excellent.

Greg wrote 30.08.16:
Delivered and already in use! Thanks very much, shall remember you for next time for sure.

Manny wrote 03.08.16:
Just popped in to say thank you. I know we consumers donít take the time to do that. Youíre a man of your word. The delivery did actually happen yesterday, but I missed them by 20 mins, as I was out for a meeting. They redelivered this morning. All looks ok. Thank you once again.

Denise wrote 04.07.16:
Thank you I've just just received my laptop. Thank you for your great service and I am highly recommending you to everyone.

Rosemary wrote 30.06.16:
Thanks for the outstanding customer service and communication. I will write a nice review, your price was great, with stellar service.

Corey wrote 29.06.16:
Received yday. Thanks again for the prompt personal service. I've already started spreading your businesses name at work because that's what good service does.

Corey wrote 26.06.16:
Thanks so much for the call and the personal service. Saves a lot of time doing that (specially on a Sunday).

Andre wrote 17.06.16:
Thanks Richard. Very Professional service. Glad I called you.

Geoff wrote 05.06.16:
We found that you have the best prices for Ubiquiti and your service is next to none. Please provide a good deal on these as you always do.

Debbie wrote 01.06.16:
Thank you for your prompt and personalised service. It has been a pleasure shopping with you. It is such a nice change.

Col wrote 31.05.16:
Shipping Company rang me today and said it will be delivered Tuesday. Thank U for the Excellent Service.

Tony wrote 26.05.16:
Thanks for your call tonight. I love that type of service; its rare these days. Keep it up!

Stefan wrote 25.05.16:
I really appreciate the help from IT Shopping. Will be sure to buy from you guys again.

Michael wrote 11.05.16:
I am happy with the quick delivery and quality of the product and at such a reasonable price. Thank you for everything.

Kathleen wrote 05.05.16:
Thank you so much for your fantastic service Richard, we are very happy to have bought from you.

Christian wrote 13.04.16:
Thank you very much. I will definitely try to buy all my IT needs through you.

Matthew wrote 07.04.16:
Just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for being amazing to deal with during this process.

Andrew wrote 17.03.16:
The monitors arrived today. Thank you for the prompt delivery and service. Very happy.

Jeff wrote 13.03.16:
your product, service and after sales service were exemplary, and I would definitely recommend itshopping.

Lucinda wrote 04.02.16:
You are amazing to do business with. Thank you for that!

Rebecca wrote 01.02.16:
I have received both orders. I will definitely use IT Shopping again.

Erik wrote 01.02.16:
Package received, thanks again for your excellent service.

Luke wrote 30.01.16:
Thanks Richard. Your service has been the best.

Mark wrote 24.11.15:
Great service we will higher recommend you guys in the future!

Emjay wrote 12.11.15:
Just wanted to let you know I received the tablets and I am genuinely so amazed at your service!! Not only did you provide us with something that seemed out of stock almost everywhere but you did it overnight! I cannot thank you enough and at my company we are constantly buying tech goods - I will definitely keep you high on the list of our preferred suppliers - you are incredible!!

Tram wrote 05.11.15:
Fabulous. Thanks Richard for your fantastic service.

Graham wrote 04.11.15:
Thanks for your great assistance, I'll certainly use you guys again and will recommend!

Clark wrote 30.10.15:
I appreciate your assistance and the prompt emails and update. I will definitely be buying all my products from IT Shopping considering this exceptional service.

John wrote 26.10.15:
Excellent. Brilliant service. Thank you for the quick turn around and contact. Appreciate it. Look forward to sending some more orders your way.

Adrian wrote 19.10.15:
With your customer service I will be ordering from you quite a lot because you get things done and are at a reasonable price.

Anthony wrote 18.10.15:
Thanks Richard, awesome service! You've won a repeat customer.

Ash wrote 05.10.15:
Thank you for your prompt work on this and I will definitely be recommending your store to my colleagues.

Kelly wrote 22.09.15:
Thanks for the great service. We had it delivered today.

Moyle wrote 19.09.15:
Very happy thank you for the great communications it has been a pleasure doing business with you , I hope your business keeps growing.

Simon wrote 18.09.15:
Thank you for your excellent communication. Believe it or not, I'm actually typing this email on the Zagg Slim Book keyboard. I missed the courier but was able to pick it up from the Post Office. Even though everything that could go wrong, did, your excellent communication left me without concern through the whole experience. This is a very unique and valuable service you offer, thank you.

John wrote 09.09.15:
Just received the camera, so fast, many thanks and great service. Great price and service.

Wolf wrote 27.08.15:
Many thanks for the excellent service. The goods arrived this morning.

Christine wrote 27.08.15:
than you. So far am so impressed with your services-A+.

Brian wrote 25.08.15:
Yes it has arrived. Very impressed with your service and speedy delivery.

Paul wrote 24.08.15:
Hi Richard the package arrived this afternoon! Thanks for the great service.

Belinda wrote 19.08.15:
We received this first up this morning. Thank you again for your fantastic service even when it is 2 am and Richard is in Germany.

Brett wrote 14.08.15:
Thank you Richard, you are very efficient. I will definitely be ordering from you next time I need something.

James wrote 13.08.15:
Thanks for the great service!

Toby wrote 10.08.15:
Cheers for the great service.

Henry wrote 06.08.15:
Have received the package with everything in order and all working fine. Thanks again.

Belinda wrote 06.08.15:
Thank you for your assistance with this matter we will definitely put IT Shopping on our preferred supplier list.

Julie wrote 05.08.15:
Thanks very much thats great service.

Tai wrote 05.08.15:
Thanks Richard, Love your service!

Ben wrote 24.07.15:
Just picked up my package and wanted to say thank you for your excellent service. I have never had a more satisfying or pleasant online shop experience.

Jesse wrote 21.07.15:
Just received the package today! Cheers for the lightening fast shipping and low price point, definitely gonna recommend you guys!

Tim wrote 14.07.15:
Fantastic thanks for your great service as always Richard.

Stephen wrote 13.07.15:
It arrived today. Thanks for the great service and communication.

Cameron wrote 11.07.15:
Thanks for the awesome service. It arrived on Friday without any hassles. Defiantly recommend you to all my friends.

Muhammad wrote 05.07.15:
Confirming I did receive the goods on Friday. Thanks soo much for the excellent communication and quick postage. Look forward to dealing with you again.

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