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About Us

IT Shopping is a small family-run business which started out in 1997 building computers based on Windows 95. At that time the head of the family worked in a large Australian company which just rolled out an online service for their staff, hence we built and sold many computers to that staff and helped them in every possible way with their product.

With the arrival of ecommerce we started to focus on selling IT products, Tools, Hardware and Solar products online. And of course we always help in every possible way with any of our products.

Operating for a long time we have accounts with many Australian distributors and can therefore source a large range of products. Only selling in Australia we strive to follow all Australian laws and consumer rights, ensuring a best shopping experience at any given time.

We pride ourselves in offering the lowest price, best service and fast delivery including VIP Track. Being open after-hours, we are always just one phone call or email away.

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